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Germinate Marijuana Seeds, Step by Step Instructions.

The following is a simple yet proven way to germinate marijuana seeds at home.

*Note, Ensure you are following the applicable laws in your region. Our seeds are sold as genetic preservation souvenirs only, and germinating may be illegal in your country. We do not support, condone, or encourage any illegal activity.

  1. Select Quality Seeds: Selecting quality marijuana seeds is an important first step. There are many reputable breeders around, and some, not so much. I encourage you to do some research before purchasing seeds. Healthy seeds are generally large, dark and may or may not have stripes on them. View our selection of healthy seeds here:
  2. Gather the required materials: Brown packing paper or newspaper, distilled and PH’d  water (5.8-6.2PH), Ziploc Bag, permanent marker, dish towel or small towel, tweezers or latex gloves, (optional – Heating pad, potting tray with lid, Thermostat controlled heating pad)
  3. Prepare medium: Fold paper so that it is doubled up and the size you want it. Open the last fold and place the paper in a dish or on a plate. Pour distilled PH’d water on the paper until it is completely saturated. Drain excess water from dish.                                                                     
  4. Germinate: Using tweezers or gloved hands, carefully place the desired number of marijuana seeds on one side of the paper, using caution not to touch the seeds with your bare hands or contaminate them in any way. Close the paper and place the paper inside a labeled Ziploc bag (don’t forget to label the bag first if you are germinating more than one strain at a time). Seal the bag with as much air inside as you can, you may even gently blow to fill the bag. Wrap the seeds in a towel and place in a room temperature area, 20-23 degrees celsius. Marijuana seeds should germinate within 18-72 hours, but may take longer in cooler temperatures. Open the bag every 24 hours to exchange the air, add water as needed, and check on your seeds. Once the tap-root is 1-2cm long you may place the seed in the growing medium. Be Gentle! the tap-root is extremely delicate. Continue to water using distilled water until your seedling is established. The length of time depends on your medium. If you are using a heating mat, continue to the next step.                                            

5. Germinating with a heating pad: First and foremost, do NOT place seeds directly on to a              heating pad! You will overheat your seeds and will open the bag to a molding, mushy science          experiment. Just trust us on this one. If you have a heating pad with a thermostat on it, place          the seeds in the potting tray on the mat with a thick layer of insulation between the seeds and        the pad (styrofoam, cardboard, or water). Set the thermostat to 21 degrees celsius. If you do          not have a temperature controlled pad, fill the potting tray with about 2 inches of water. place        the seeds floating on the water. If you’re worried your bag may leak, use a plastic dish for                floatation. place the potting tray lid slightly off centred so that a minimal amount of air can              move. This should keep your seeds at an optimal level. Cover the tray with a towel and check          as per step four. Happy Cultivating!

The Superseeds Team